Why Does Tranio Approach The Pedant?

Why Does Tranio Approach The Pedant?

Why Does Tranio Approach The Pedant?

What is the purpose of the Pedant Taming of the Shrew? A Pedant is a schoolmaster from Mantua, on a trip to Rome and Tripoli. He meets a young man in Padua who warns him that there is war between Padua and Mantua, and convinces him to pretend to be Vincentio of Pisa, who happens to be the young man’s father, for his safety.

How does Tranio persuade the Pedant to pretend to be Lucentio’s father? However, fortunately, the Pedant resembles the “father” of Tranio, one Vincentio, even though Biondello helpfully comments that the pedant actually resembles Vincentio “as much as an apple doth an oyster,” and thus Tranio offers to “help” the Pedant by offering to take him in to his household and let him impersonate

Why does Tranio go along with the men’s scheme? Why does Tranio goalong with the men’s scheme? He helps his master to marry Bianca.

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Why does Katherine marry Petruchio?

He simply wanted to tame her to be able to say he tamed the most shrewish woman. In this interpretation, Petruchio marries Katharine solely for her dowry. The counterargument is that Petruchio develops love for Katharine and tames her because he sees her shrewishness as a condition that she cannot cure on her own.

Why does Hortensio say the field is won?

1. Why does hortensio say ” the field is won” in line twenty three? Who has won and how? Petruchio wins his argument against Katherina, she gives up and just starts agreeing with whatever comes out of his mouth.

What does grumio give to Kate for breakfast?

What does Grumio give to Kate for breakfast? He gives her not a morsel.

Why are Kate and Petruchio’s plans to feast at her father’s house ruined?

Why are Kate and Petruchio’s plans to feast at her father’s house ruined? It is to late in the day and they will not make it.

How does Petruchio tame Katherine?

In William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew,” the protagonist Petruchio “tames” his newly married wife Kate by matching her wit, by embarrassing her at their wedding, by keeping her from eating and drinking and by forcing her to agree with everything he says.

Who will Hortensio marry?

Hortensio suggests that he marry Kate Minola, the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the city, particularly because Hortensio can not court her sister Bianca until Kate is married.

What qualities does Petruchio’s wife have?

What qualities does Petruchio want in his wife? What does his servant Grumio think about the idea of Petruchio marrying a shrewish wife? Petruchio wants his wife to be rich. Grumio thinks that Katharina will regret her behavior.

Why do Lucentio and Bianca ask pardon of their fathers in lines 95 110?

They ask this because much of it was done by impersonation (on Lucentio’s part) and they eloped and got married which was considered disrespectful to the fathers.

Why is Bianca begging for mercy from Katharina?

By William Shakespeare. At Baptista’s house, Kate has tied up Bianca, who begs her sister to let her go. Bianca says she’ll do whatever Kate wants because she knows how to be obedient to her “elders.” Translation: “You’re an old maid.”

Why doesn’t the pedant want to talk to Baptista is he able to convince Baptista that he is vincentio?

He tells Vincentio that Lucentio is getting married to Katharina’s sister. This will make Petruchio and Lucentio brothers-in-law. He does not want Baptista to know that the Pedant is not really Lucentio’s father or that he (Tranio) is not really Lucentio.

How does Lucentio pacify the two angry fathers after his wedding?

Which of the following characters does not chide Petruchio for marrying Kate during the wedding feast? How does Lucentio pacify the two angry fathers after his wedding? confessing his deception. Back in Padua, who recognizes Vincentio and “goes white” upon seeing him?

Does Katherine Love Petruchio?

Petruchio marries Katherine and in return received a large dowry. Following their marriage Petruchio begins to court her through various acts. Hence we see that Petruchio does not “love” Katherine but instead it can be said that he enjoys controlling her.

Is Petruchio a villain or hero?

Petruchio is just about the most unlikeable character, without being a villain, in Shakespeare. He is boastful and selfish. On the face of it, he is an uncaring, cruel, chauvinistic, domineering, greedy man who treats marriage as a power trip.

Is Petruchio attracted to Kate?

Petruchio finds himself attracted to Kate’s sense of humor and intelligence. He views the taming of the shrew, Kate, as a challenge. Before he leaves, he vows to marry Katherine.

Why is Gremio present in this scene?

Why is Gremio present in this scene? His is apparently eavesdropping on Cambio, his rival. Tranio (as Lucentio) is Gremio’s rival, and Gremio probably wants to discredit him as mush as possible in order to win Baptista’s approval to marry Bianca.

Why does Petruchio compare Kate to a falcon?

In comparing Kate to a falcon, Petruchio indicates that he sees her as if she were an animal with the sole purpose of obeying and serving him. The falcon, however, is a noble animal of prestige that attracted a great deal of attention in Shakespeare’s age and was respected for its power and fierce nature.

Have to my widow and if she be froward then hast thou taught Hortensio to be untoward?

80 Well, Petruchio, this has put me in heart. Have to my widow, and if she be froward, Then hast thou taught Hortensio to be untoward. Well, Petruchio, this has been encouraging to me. I’ll go to my widow now, and if she’s stubborn, you’ve taught me how to tame her—by being even more difficult than she is.

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