When Should I Take Comlex 1?

When Should I Take Comlex 1?

When Should I Take Comlex 1? Keep in mind that you’ll take the COMLEX Level 1 exam during your second year of osteopathic medical school. Many students recommend waiting until your second year begins to start preparing and studying, but it’s a good milestone to keep on your radar.

When should I start studying for COMLEX? Begin studying ASAP, like yesterday.

Those help you prepare, but you will still need a lot of traditional, COMLEX-specific study. It is suggested that that you plan for 6 months of light studying, followed by 3-4 months of moderate studying, and then end with 1-2 months of intense studying.

When should I take Level 2? COMLEX Level 2 is typically completed during the third or fourth year of medical school. It’s a two-part exam composed of the following: Level 2-Cognitive Evaluation (CE) measures your clinical skills and problem-solving techniques over the course of a day-long computerized exam.

Should I take USMLE or COMLEX first? If you are advised to take both exams, take USMLE before COMLEX. COMLEX is required for both graduation and licensure, experts note, and the AMA and ACGME support use of it for DOs applying to residency programs. “I recommend taking USMLE first,” Dr. Halvorsen says.

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What is a good COMLEX Level 1 score?

In contrast, the average COMLEX Level 1 score required to match is approximately a 570, placing that examinee in the 66th percentile overall. Likewise, the average applicant to match into Emergency Medicine scored approximately a 234 on USMLE Step 1, placing them in the 52nd percentile overall.

Which is harder Comlex or Usmle?

The COMLEX is longer time-wise than the USMLE (because of the OMM), but USMLE passages tend to be longer. In terms of accepting scores, with the merger all residencies must accept all scores. I think most people will agree that the COMLEX is slightly harder.

Is Combank or Comquest better?

COMBANK is an excellent resource for OMM questions and for getting a feel for how comlex is structured. Your school should provide you a qbank subscription, usually combank but sometimes comquest, either one is good for OMM questions, but combank is slightly better.

What is a good level 2 score?

6. What’s a good COMLEX Level 2-CE score? The historical mean of the COMLEX Level 2-CE ranges from 500-550. Anything over 600 is seen as competitive for most residencies, with scores over 700 putting you in the 90th percentile.

How many questions is Comlex Level 2?

The COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE contains 352 multiple choice questions related to diverse clinical and patient presentations and seven defined competency domains for osteopathic medical practice.

How do I prepare for Comlex Level 2?

COMLEX Level 2 Study Resources

The three most popular are First Aid for Step 2, Step Up to Step 2, and Master the Boards Step 2. You can also use Step Up to Medicine instead. Pick your poison, but pick one. You need to annotate UWorld somewhere, and having a review book provides the framework to do so.

Are DO schools easier than MD?

An M.D. degree is often more respected than a D.O. medical school is statistically easier than to an M.D. medical school. Plus, an M.D. medical school matriculate has an average GPA of around 3.67 while a D.O. matriculate has approximately a 3.5.

Is Comlex Level 1 Pass Fail?

COMLEX Level 1 is Going Pass/Fail! Big news for DO students today as news breaks that the COMLEX Level 1 exam will be shifting over to a pass/fail model starting .

Is there a salary difference between MD and DO?

Technically, a DO’s salary is no less than an MD’s salary. MD’s tend to earn larger salaries, because they tend to specialize, attend school for several additional years, and live in metropolitan areas where the cost of living is much higher; not because the initials after their name are MD rather than DO.

What is a decent Comlex score?

Most candidates score between 250 and 800. 400 is the minimum passing score for COMLEX-USA Levels 1 and 2; 350 for COMLEX-USA Level 3.

What percentile is 500 on Comlex?

USMLE comparison

There are several residency programs specifically require USMLE scores. Based on data from recent results of the COMLEX-USA examination, for level 1 and level 2, a score of 500-540 is considered the 50th percentile with scores falling slightly under and over this mark to be considered similarly.

What happens if you don’t pass Comlex?

Most candidates score between 250 and 800. 400 is the minimum passing score for COMLEX-USA Levels 1 and 2; 350 for COMLEX-USA Level 3. After your first failed attempt, you may retake the exam twice within one year. If you don’t pass on your third attempt, you will have to wait six months to retake the exam.

Which Usmle step is the hardest?

The first exam, the USMLE Step 1, is one of the hardest. The USMLE Step 1, in particular, is one of the most stressful and difficult exams you will take in your medical school career. Your performance on this exam will essentially set the tone for your success, or failure, in the residency match process.

Is Comlex Level 1 hard?

COMLEX Level 1 is a tough exam. Not only does it test basic science content at the same level as the equivalent USMLE Step 1, it also tests the principles of osteopathic medicine. Despite these issues, achieving a good COMLEX Level 1 score is within reach if you prepare appropriately.

Is COMQUEST harder than COMLEX?

I only used Comquest and the real COMLEX was significantly harder than Comquest. I did not use Combank.

Is COMQUEST good for Comat?

COMQUEST, in collaboration with ExamGuru, has authored the most relevant content that is consistent with current 2021 testing standards. Expect the highest quality, most relevant and efficient COMAT exam preparation in the market.


COMQUEST has done a great job of replicating the actual testing interface that you will be using on your test day. The look and feel are both extremely similar between COMQUEST and the real COMLEX. This helps with the comfort of your exam day.

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