What Is Redcap Used For?

What Is Redcap Used For?

What Is Redcap Used For? REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application used exclusively to support data capture for research studies. REDCap provides: An intuitive interface for validated data entry (with data validation);

What is REDCap and how does it work? REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture. It is a secure online Database system, designed to collect (“capture”), store, secure, organize, and analyze data provided by patients who complete online questionnaires and data collection forms.

Is REDCap easy to use? It’s easy to use.

I’m just getting started with REDCap, but so far it seems extremely easy to use. For example, to create a new project, you click “NEW PROJECT.” Then it asks you if you want to use a template, upload an existing project or create one from scratch. Easy peasy.

What kind of database is REDCap? REDCap stores its data and all system and project information in various relational database tables (i.e. utilizing foreign keys and indexes) within a single MySQL database, which is an open source RDBMS (relational database management system).

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How much does REDCap cost?

The total costs to provide a functional REDCap platform was less than $9000. Eighty-one (81) users were registered in the first year.

Do you have to pay for REDCap?

The license, codebase, and all consortium support are all provided at no cost to any non-profit organization.

Does REDCap collect IP?

Using ipify to collect IP addresses

By default, REDCap system is used to get IP addresses. Alternatively, you may enable ipify, a third-party API that increases reliability of the collected IPs.

Is REDCap cloud based?

REDCap Cloud is a SaaS-based unified data management platform consisting of a combination of data management applications (EDC, eCOA, eConsent, Business Intelligence Studio, and EHR Integration Platform) with a state-of-the-art cloud-based collaboration platform.

Does REDCap work offline?

REDCap Offline can be used as a stand-‐alone version of REDCap, which will allow you to capture data without a reliable Internet connection.

Is SQL a REDCap?

SQL fields in REDCap. A useful, but specialised, REDCap field type is the ‘sql’ type. It allows for a database query to populate a dropdown selection element. Implementing the sql field requires that the table housing the data is stored in the same database as the REDCap tables.

Who can use REDCap?

These resources can be used for anyone – end user or administrator – learning to use REDCap. In addition, the REDCap Community website provides support for REDCap administrators as these administrators provide support for end users.

Does REDCap have an audit trail?

REDCap maintains a built-in audit trail that logs all user activity and all pages viewed by every user, including contextual information (e.g. the project or record being accessed). REDCap allows users to export any and all data from their REDCap projects, supposing they have been given full data export privileges.

What is REDCap email?

Emailing via REDCap is equivalent to sending an email from Outlook. It comes from your project/study designated email, goes through Partners mail server and is delivered as a standard email WITHOUT encryption. When sending PHI via REDCap emails, you must secure the content.

How do I join REDCap community?

Background. REDCap software and consortium support are available at no charge to non-profit organizations that join the REDCap consortium. Joining requires submission of a standard, online license agreement. Although REDCap is available at no charge, it is not open-source software.

What is REDCap API?

The REDCap application programming interface (API) is a RESTful web service for developing software clients capable of storing and retrieving data from IU REDCap. Each API token is specific to a single user’s privileges in a single REDCap project.

How do I log into REDCap?

Go to https://redcap.gsu.edu , and enter your username and password. Select Log In. Navigate using the tabs at the top of the page.

Where is REDCap data stored?

The institution installing REDCap will store all data captured in REDCap on its own servers. Thus, all project data is stored and hosted there at the local institution, and no project data is ever transmitted at any time by REDCap from that institution to another institution or organization.

How do I use REDCap app?

Launch the REDCap mobile app and log in as your data collection user (not the admin account) and click “Set Up Mobile Project”. Click “Scan QR code” from the REDCap Mobile App screen in your REDCap project and use your mobile device to scan the code.

Can you score in REDCap?

Performing calculations on multiple choice questions (Radio Buttons or Dropdown Lists): REDCap uses the numerical value assigned to the answer as the answer’s value/score. In this case, REDCap will score Never as ‘0,’ Occasionally as ‘1,’ Often as ‘2,’ and Always as ‘3.

Can REDCap calculate age?

Using datediff function in a REDCap calculated field, the interval between two entered dates can be calculated. It is useful to calculate the participant’s age from the entered date of birth, or to validate the entered date values. The datediff function can also be used in branching logics.

How do I open REDCap in SPSS?

When the file is loaded and displayed, choose Run →All from the top menu options. This action will launch the script that will automatically read in all data and manipulate data fields with labels, option values, etc. Once you have the folder location of the CSV file, double-click the syntax file to open it in SPSS.

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