What Is A Synonym For Remediation?

What Is A Synonym For Remediation?

What Is A Synonym For Remediation? redress, remedy, remediationnoun. act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil. Synonyms: redress, indemnification, restitution, damages, amends, therapeutic, remedy, indemnity, curative, cure.

What is an example of remediation? Remediation is the act of correcting an error or stopping something bad from happening. When a company that polluted takes steps to clean up the water supply, this is an example of remediation. The act or process of providing remedial education.

What is the other term for remedial law? The Supreme Court has also given a definition to remedial law, also called “adjective law” or “procedural law.” It is that branch of law which prescribes the method of enforcing rights or obtaining redress for their invasion. (

What is a remediation class? When you do poorly in a subject and get sent to a class that focuses on basic concepts and better study habits, you are taking a remedial class. Like a remedy, remedial classes are supposed to improve you, specifically in school subjects that you haven’t done well in.

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What does ameliorative mean?

transitive verb. : to make better or more tolerable medicine to ameliorate the pain. intransitive verb. : to grow better.

What remediate means?

: to radiate again or anew especially : to emit (energy) in the form of radiation after absorbing incident radiation.

What does alterative mean?

Medical Definition of alterative

(Entry 1 of 2) : a drug used empirically to alter favorably the course of an ailment.

What is the remediation process?

Remediation Process means the method used to address the teaching performance of a teacher who has been identified as partially effective or ineffective and whose performance has not sufficiently improved. Such method may include a Directed Improvement Plan (discussed below).

What is a remediation payment?

Remediation payments may include one or more of the following: refund of fees for no service. refund of fees for deficient financial advice. payment of underpaid credit interest. compensation for increased interest costs for overcharged interest.

What are remediation activities?

Remediation Activities means any investigation, study, assessment, testing, monitoring, containment, removal, disposal, closure, corrective action, remediation (regardless of whether active or passive), natural attenuation, bioremediation, response, cleanup or abatement, whether On-Site or Off-Site, of an Environmental

Is remedial a bad word?

Additional preparation. A nonjudgmental educational term for “remedial instruction.” The word “remedial” is unacceptable because it “blames” students by implying they have a deficiency which needs to be corrected.

What is the opposite of being literal?

Figurative language is the opposite of literal language. When we use words literally, the words mean exactly what they say. When we use language figuratively, the words do not have their “everyday” meanings. It has a meaning that you have to really think about to get what it means.

What is the meaning of Remedial Action?

A remedial action is a change made to a nonconforming product or service to address the deficiency.

What does remediation in law mean?

Remediation means any response, remedial, removal, or corrective action, any activity to cleanup, detoxify, decontaminate, contain or otherwise remediate any Hazardous Materials, Regulated Substances or USTs, any actions to prevent, cure or mitigate any Release, any action to comply with any Environmental Laws or with

Can you call someone remedial?

The nice way to call someone retarded. usually used by teachers in school.

What is the remedial law?

Remedial law is that branch of law which provides for the enforcement or protection of’a right, or the prevention or redress of a wrong, or the establishment of the status or right of a party, or a particular fact.,! ..,Consequently, every case which rea.es the courts, especially the highest tribunal in the land,

What is the purpose of remediation?

The goal of remediation is to identify, based on course instructional objectives and evidenced by poor performance on examination(s), areas of weaknesses of material, and, once identified, to assist the student in overcoming those weaknesses and develop mastery of the material.

What is the difference between intervention and remediation?

Intervention is the proper response to target specific learning disabilities for students with special needs. Remediation, on the other hand, is appropriate for any student that lacks mastery of a given mathematical concept.

Why does it matter if someone needs remediation?

In the United States, research shows that anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent of first-year college students require remediation in English, math, or both. Remedial classes increase students’ time to degree attainment and decrease their likelihood of completion.

What is ameliorative effect?

to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve: strategies to ameliorate negative effects on the environment.

What are pejorative words?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a word or phrase that has negative connotations (see connotation sense 1) or that is intended to disparage or belittle : a pejorative word or phrase.

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