What is a PGCE equivalent to?

What is a PGCE equivalent to?

What is a PGCE equivalent to? The Graduate Diploma in Teaching is very similar to the UK PGCE in that it is a one-year intensive training programme designed to qualify graduates to teach.
Australian universities offer two types of postgraduate teacher training courses; the Graduate Diploma of Education and the Master of Teaching.

Is a PGCE equivalent to a degree? The PGCE (Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching) is an entry-level, initial professional teaching programme that ‘caps’ an undergraduate degree or an approved diploma.

Does a PGCE count as a Masters? A PGCE is a 60 credit postgraduate qualification studied at level 7. These credits are earned at Master’s level, and can later be transferred to a Master’s of Education if students choose. In a scenario where Master’s credits aren’t offered, the PGCE is called a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

What level qualification is a PGCE? Level 7
The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE/PGCertEd) sits at Level 7 of the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications, while the Professional Certificate in Education (ProfGCE) sits a Level 6.

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Is a PGCE harder than a degree?

Now, a PGCE is harder than your undergraduate degree. However, a PGCE is a huge achievement and it’s a postgraduate qualification so it is a higher level of learning.

Is the PGCE hard?

The PGCE is not an easy year. Put another way, the PGCE year is a hard, very intensive course bringing together academic and professional requirements, and actually working on the job while you’re learning it too. Get used to being a professional and it being expected of you.14 Sept 2011

Do you get paid for PGCE?

If gaining a PGCE is important to you, check with your training provider before applying. You will receive an unqualified teacher’s salary from your school, and the cost of your training will be covered, but you may be charged for your PGCE fees if awarded.

How long is a PGCE valid for?

5 years
However, there is a strict time limit – 5 years from the start date of their first supply contract, by calendar months, regardless of any time during this period when the teacher is not doing supply.

Is a PGCE pass or fail?

The basic PGCE is pass/fail although essays that can count towards a Masters are often graded.

How long does a PGCE take?

1 year
The PGCE, as a full-time commitment, will take 1 year to complete.
Alternately it can often be studied part-time for two years, or occasionally completed in modules online (although the practical skills would still need to be done in person), but this can take much longer than via the traditional routes.

Is it worth doing a PGCE?

#5 A PGCE is not a walk in the park – but it’s totally worth it! If you’re stuck for ideas, the PGCE course might be the perfect way to determine if teaching is the right course for you.

Can I do a PGCE with a 2.2 degree?

To be eligible to apply for our Training Programme, you need: 2.
1 degree or above (2.
2 degrees will also be considered) A degree or A-levels that satisfy the curriculum requirements listed below.
Grade C/4 or equivalent in GCSE maths and English for secondary teaching.

How many hours a week is a PGCE?

A PGCE is usually taught as a full-time postgraduate course so expect at least 40 hours a week of lectures, as well as time needed to do assignments.
There are part-time courses that take two years, but the majority of courses are full time.

Is a PGCE better than QTS?

The PGCE doesn’t qualify you teach on its own, and so you’ll normally complete it with QTS if you want to work as a qualified teacher. The PGCE is an extra qualification, but one that really grounds you in the theory of education and allows you to engage with the latest research.

How much loan do you get for a PGCE?

Funding is available to help you train to teach. You can apply for a: tuition fee loan of up to £9,250 to cover your teacher training, so you do not need to pay course fees upfront. maintenance loan of up to £12,382 to help with living costs.

Can you teach without a PGCE?

You don’t need a PGCE to teach in England, although you may find it useful as it will give you more options as your career progresses – enhancing your promotion prospects or enabling you to teach abroad.

Is NQT year harder than PGCE?

Before September I had some doubts and fears about what awaited in my very own classroom, I had had an extended break from the actual practice of teaching and had heeded the numerous warnings from more experienced colleagues who clearly stated, “Your NQT year is far worse than your PGCE year, but don’t worry it gets a

Who is eligible for PGCE bursary?

To be eligible, you will typically need a 2:1 degree or above in the subject you want to teach (or a closely related subject).
Visit Get Into Teaching to find out more.
Bursaries – tax-free bursaries are available for training to teach a range of subjects.

Does Nsfas fund PGCE students?

On their website, NSFAS says that from 2021 onwards, postgrad students will no longer be able to receive funding from NSFAS. Previously, NSFAS funded the Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and the Postgraduate Diploma of Accounting (PGDA).

Can you do a PGCE while working?

On the two-year training programme, you’ll gain a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Leadership, worth double the credits of a PGCE while working in the classroom and earning a full salary.

What percentage of PGCE students fail?

A breakdown shows that around 15 per cent of trainees drop out of their PGCE courses before they have finished, four per cent go into independent schools and 4.5 per cent follow other teaching routes. In addition, 13 per cent are still looking for their first job after six months.

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