What Is A Ncfe Level 2 Certificate?

What Is A Ncfe Level 2 Certificate?

What Is A Ncfe Level 2 Certificate? The qualification is designed for adult learners who’ve not achieved GCSE (A*–C) or Level 2 Functional Skills in English and who wish to take their first qualification in the subject.

What is an NCFE Level 2 Certificate equivalent to? At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Level 2 NCFE CACHE Certificate of Achievement. This means the course has been independently accredited at a level of learning that is equivalent to Level 2 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is an NCFE certificate? NCFE originally stood for Northern Council for Further Education, but it dropped the full name in the 1990s. Now known simply as NCFE. It’s the UK’s longest established awarding body, as well as one of the UK’s fastest growing, which means it’s highly respected for its professionalism and quality.

Is NCFE a good qualification? NCFE is absolutely a recognised awarding body. For example, you couldn’t qualify to be a doctor with an NCFE award, but you could qualify to be a teaching assistant. It all depends on the job and each individual employer’s requirements, of course.

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What is a Level 2 equivalent to?

A level 2 qualification is similar to having a GCSE at grade A*–C or 4-9. And also: NVQ level 2.

What is a Ncfe Level 3 qualification equivalent to?

Level 3 qualifications are at a level of learning equivalent to NVQ3/A Level.

What is the difference between cache and Ncfe?

CACHE (the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) is the UK’s leading sector specialist in health, care and education and is now a trademark owned by NCFE. CACHE has developed qualifications of excellence for over 70 years to more than 1,000 UK-based and overseas delivery partners.


It is a vocational qualification equivalent to GCSE grades 8.5 – 1. Centres are responsible for ensuring that this qualification is appropriate for the age and ability of learners.

Is NCFE regulated by Ofqual?

NCFE is a world-leading education charity and awarding body, recognised by the British Department for Education and regulated by Ofqual. Our mission is to create high quality learning opportunities that will support the progression of learners and beneficiaries, improving their life and career opportunities.

What is a NCFE Level 1 qualification equivalent to?

The qualification will support learners with an identified skills gap in English and can be used to support progression into GCSE (A*– C) or Level 2 Functional Skills in English.

Is NCFE an accredited qualification?

Customised Qualifications are unregulated, bespoke qualifications written and developed by a provider, and accredited by NCFE. Our accreditation recognises the quality and rigour of the qualification and provides you, the learner, with an NCFE Customised Qualifications certificate on your completion of the programme.

Is NCFE cache a Recognised qualification?

CACHE qualifications are recognised across the education and care industry and they are amongst the most well known and respected qualifications. All CACHE courses lead to a nationally recognised Ofqual regulated qualification and are accredited on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

What is a full Level 2 qualification?

A full Level 2 achievement is equivalent to 5 or more GCSEs at grade A* to C. A full Level 3 achievement is equivalent to 2 or more A-levels. Historically there has been substantial growth in the number of full Level 2 achievements – up from around 116,800 in 2003/04 to 494,100 in 2013/14.

What is a Level 2 grade?

Level 2 is the next step up from Level 1, and is also often achieved in Years 10 and 11. Examples of Level 2 qualifications include: GCSE (grades A*, A, B or C) O level (grades A, B or C)

Is Level 2 functional skills easier than GCSE?

Functional Skills aren’t necessarily easier. You’ll still need to put in the hard work and revision. But, they can be better suited to students who have failed maths and English. The trouble with GCSE is that oftentimes, exam questions are not put into any context.

How many credits is a Level 2?

Academic levels

In order to gain an undergraduate degree you need: 120 Level 1 credits. 120 Level 2 credits. 120 Level 3 credits.

How many credits is a Level 5 Diploma?

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training – 120 credits.

How many credits is a level 4 diploma?

Programmes must include at least 120 credits of learning at Level 4 or above. The Qualification typically takes 1200 hours, or one FTE Academic Year, to complete.

What is the aim of NCFE?

The National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE) aims to promote financial education across India for all sections of the population as per the National Strategy for Financial Education of Financial Stability and Development Council.

What is Cache stand for?

CACHE stands for the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education, and are the leading specialist Awarding Organisation for the Care and Education Sector.

Is there an alternative to GCSEs?

Exploring Vocational Qualifications: alternatives to GCSEs

Some schools offer vocational qualifications alongside GCSEs. The courses that are most commonly available in schools for students in Years 10 and 11 are BTEC qualifications and OCR Cambridge Nationals.

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