Is There Any Entrance Exam For Fiitjee?

Is There Any Entrance Exam For Fiitjee?

Is There Any Entrance Exam For Fiitjee? Normally, FIITJEE Admission Tests are conducted almost twice every month from January to July every year on Sundays. In case of short contact programs, admission tests are held from August to January.

Is FIITJEE entrance exam tough? Fiitjee’s entrance exam is extremely tough.. when I gave mine in class 10.. they gave inquiries from 11 12 material science .

How can I get admission in FIITJEE Delhi? Admission Process

Admission for various classroom courses is made through FIITJEE Admission Test. Students who are willing to join have to appear for an admission test conducted by FIITJEE. Based on the performance in the admission test various programs will be offered according to his / her class.

Is Fiitjee better than Allen? Fiitjee if you are good city, else if you are in mood to go Kota as there u get environment then Allen but always try to get upper batches ,as lower batches are herds for coaching they only take money and no proper Syllabus completion time. Level of Fiitjee is best and it would be best if it’s centre of good city.

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Is Aakash better or Fiitjee?

Aakash would be a better option for medical students. Plus, I personally think that FIITJEE study material is better and if your focus is on JEE then you will find good level questions in it as compared to Aakash. Yes fiitjee is one of the best coaching institute in india for jee.

How can I get 100% FIITJEE scholarship?

As FIITJEE is there for business so it does not want u to get full scholarship so the paper will have the questions which u have seen rarely and will be of very high level. For getting full 100% scholarship you have to see the previous years papers or some seniors which may provide you with that.

Is FIITJEE good for average student?


FIITJEE is also one of them. Delhi FIITJEE is best but only for the students who has already studied from somewhere else also and very good in their studies. It means a student which has no any detailed overview of the subjects that they have to study in the institute.

Is FIITJEE only for IIT?

DOES FIITJEE GIVE COACHING ONLY TO IIT-JEE OR HOW IS FIITJEE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER INSTITUTES? The study material of FIITJEE is pattern-proof i.e. students are prepared for JEE (Main & Advanced) irrespective of any type of pattern.

Which branch of Fiitjee is best?

All branches of fiitjee coaching have best facility available for students. Fiitjee South Delhi, Fiitjee Panjabi bagh, Fiitjee Faridabad, Fiitjee jaipur, Fiitjee Chennai and all other branch are best for all candidates.

Is phone allowed in Fiitjee?

Yes, you can use mobile phone and laptops in hostel. Apart from study hour in hostel it’s not a issue to use those things. Mobile phones are allowed in the hostel.

Is Aakash good for IIT?

Aakash institute is much more than resonance for iit jee and advanced ,also it is better than any other institute . the study material given to the students is much more better than any other coaching institute in terms of quality and quantity for iitjee and advanced . so aakash is much more better than any institute.

Is Narayana good for IIT?

It claims to ‘let results speak for themselves’ and has a good record of successful students making it into IIT. The faculty is well-qualified and has a good rapport with students. With interactive teaching methods, the students are encouraged to ask questions and raise doubts.


FIITJEE has established itself as a brand in coaching students for competitive examinations at all levels. To help such students prepare for NEET, we are offering FREE COACHING for NEET.

Can Class 11 join FIITJEE?

FIITJEE’s Two Year Condensed Classroom Program has been designed for those students of class XI who could not join Two Year Classroom Program for some reasons. The Program is suited for only those students who can cope up well with both IIT-JEE training and school studies at this juncture.

What is IIT genius?

IIT Genius – We dedicate a revolutionary service to the Genius of India where 10 Students from each class VIII, IX, X & XI will be bestowed with the honour of IIT Genius title and will also get their Education at any IIT sponsored by FIITJEE.

Does FIITJEE give scholarship?

We also offer direct admission and scholarships to Students on the basis of their performance in various scholastic exams. Please visit to know the details.

Can a weak student crack IIT?

IIT JEE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exams in India. A question that comes in mind of many students who want to clear JEE is – “Can a weak or below average student crack the JEE exam?” The answer of the question is a big YES.

Can a average student crack IIT?

Short Answer – Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/ she is ready to work hard with consistency. There have been many average students who cleared JEE with good ranks.

Can I crack IIT in 2 years?

Some factors to keep in mind

Proper Planning: Usually, students study for about 1 or 2 years to prepare for IIT-JEE. So, planning plays an important role. A good planning strategy will keep you focused and result in better gains.

Is FIITJEE really worth?

Well yes, it’s of course worth studying at Fiitjee . There are a few brilliant teachers out there who will help you time and again to understand a topic . Fiitjee also has provisions for doubt clearing classes where the teachers will individually attend to everyone’s questions.

Does FIITJEE prepare board exam?

The program will also help you score high marks in X & XII Boards & also prepare you for NTSE / KVPY and Other Scholastic Competitive Examinations. In addition, this program will also lay a strong foundation for International Olympiads by enhancing student’s potential.

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