Is The Nsca Cpt Exam Hard?

Is The Nsca Cpt Exam Hard?

Is The Nsca Cpt Exam Hard? The NSCA cPT exam is tough but you don’t want to be working with clients with special needs and not know what you are doing. Mistakes with these clients can do a lot of damage.

How hard is the CPT exam? NASM CPT exam conclusion

Overall, the exam is one of the more difficult personal training tests to pass in the industry. Well, With the NASM exam pass rate being only 65%, and the retest fees being so steep, it’s best to have proper direction in order to study the most important areas.

Is NSCA CPT a good certification? NSCA certification has been around for a pretty long time. It is one of the most highly recognized certifications in the industry. They are so well recognized, in fact, their training textbooks are used as curriculum in some colleges and universities.

Is NASM or ACE better? If you feel you would struggle with the coaching of clients and want to improve in that area, go with ACE. If you feel you want to have more knowledge of how to design an effective workout program, go with NASM. For more information on how to become a personal trainer, check out our post on that topic.

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Can I take the NASM test online?

For students unable to take their test in-person due to COVID-19, NASM is offering an exclusive opportunity to take your NASM-CPT final exam online through a live remote proctor. When you’re ready to take your exam, we’ll make sure nothing stands in your way!

How long is the CPT test?

How many questions are on the CPT exam and how long do I have to complete it? There are 120 test questions, in which 20 are research questions and do not count toward or against the final score. There is a 2-hour time limit and you must pass with a scaled score of 70 or better.

What should I study for CPT exam?

Ensure that you have a clear understanding of various acts and legal terminologies. Next, move on to economics. Macroeconomics is considered to be easy, and you should ensure that you know about national level economics and government policies. Lastly, pick up quantitative aptitude.

Is CSCS or CPT better?

Both the CPT and CSCS are great certs to have. The CSCS credential is obviously superior in terms of what you need to put in and what you can get out of it when it comes to career potential. The exams are hard. For a CPT exam, NSCA is one of the harder ones out there, but most people mane=age to get by.

Which is better ACE or ACSM certification?

ACSM is more of a corrective exercise certification, whereas the ACE certification is considered more of a general CPT. ACE has an overall pass rate of 65% while the ACSM certification has a very low pass rate at 54% for first-time test-takers.

What is my NSCA customer number?

Contact the membership team at or (719)632-6722 | (800) 815-6826 for assistance.

What is Csps certification?

Certified Special Population Specialists® (CSPS®) are fitness professionals who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate, and train special population clients of all ages regarding their health and fitness needs, preventively, and in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Which is easier NASM or ACE?

Exam Difficulty and Pass Rate

NASM has a pass rate of 64.3% while ACE has one of 65%. That means the exam with a lower passing requirement, yet still has the same passing rate, is the harder exam. That’s the case with ACE because while NASM has a 70% pass mark minimum, ACE is set at 62.5%.

How long should I study for NASM?

As NASM Gives you at least 6 months of study time before you test, there are a lot of options for you to choose. A thorough read with just the book can be totally acceptable as a way to pass the test, but for most of you, life will get in the way.

What is the hardest personal trainer certification?

* The “hardest” personal trainer certification: The NCSA-CPT is the most difficult of the three, as its content is relatively technical and assumes a solid background in the subjects of anatomy, physiology and physics.

How fast can you finish NASM?

Start to finish, participants can expect to invest in approximately 10-12 weeks to complete the online modules and prepare for the exam. This period culminates in the two-hour NASM exam with 120 questions.

How much does the NASM exam cost?

The cost to take the NASM exam is $599.

How much does NASM recertification cost?

The recertification fee for the NASM-CPT credential is $99. The late recertification fees are: $30 for applications received up to 90-days post-expiration and $50 for applications received after their grace period and before one year after credential expiration. The Recertify for Life program is one-time fee of $329.

Is the NASM test multiple choice?

Because the NASM exam is multiple-choice, if you have decent test-taking skills, it’s a little easier (on most questions). Because the exam is multiple-choice, they did make some of the questions tricky, with two answers that are similar.

What score do you need to pass the NSCA CPT exam?

The NSCA exam consists of 140 questions on which you will be scored. Note, however, that there are an additional 15 non-scoring questions that the NSCA use for evaluation purposes for future certification exams. The exam is three hours and to pass it, you will need a score of 70 or more.

Do gyms accept ISSA certification?

Most gyms will accept ISSA certification for new trainers because we offer educational programs that include high-quality course offerings with experienced instructors that focus on preparing students to become well-rounded, knowledgeable, and caring trainers.

What is the easiest CPT exam?

The easiest personal training certification to get is the American Council on Exercise certification known as the ACE Certification. In most states, this type of certification can be obtained in 3 to 6 months depending on how fast you work.

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