Is Aakash Better Or Fiitjee?

Is Aakash Better Or Fiitjee?

Is Aakash Better Or Fiitjee? Aakash would be a better option for medical students. Plus, I personally think that FIITJEE study material is better and if your focus is on JEE then you will find good level questions in it as compared to Aakash. Yes fiitjee is one of the best coaching institute in india for jee.

Is Aakash good for IIT? Aakash institute is much more than resonance for iit jee and advanced ,also it is better than any other institute . the study material given to the students is much more better than any other coaching institute in terms of quality and quantity for iitjee and advanced . so aakash is much more better than any institute.

Is FIITJEE better than Allen? Fiitjee if you are good city, else if you are in mood to go Kota as there u get environment then Allen but always try to get upper batches ,as lower batches are herds for coaching they only take money and no proper Syllabus completion time. Level of Fiitjee is best and it would be best if it’s centre of good city.

Is Aakash better than Allen for IIT? Allen Institute is good for JEE preparation than AAKASH is only good for medical preparation. Allen Institute is good for JEE preparation than AAKASH is only good for medical preparation. ALLEN lecture quality is better. Allen Institute is good for JEE preparation than AAKASH is only good for medical preparation.

Is Aakash Better Or Fiitjee? – Related Questions

Can a weak student crack IIT?

IIT JEE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exams in India. A question that comes in mind of many students who want to clear JEE is – “Can a weak or below average student crack the JEE exam?” The answer of the question is a big YES.

Can a girl crack IIT?

Short Answer – Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/ she is ready to work hard with consistency. There have been many average students who cleared JEE with good ranks.

Is Narayana good for IIT?

Obviously its good for IIT Preparation you can see the top ranks achieved by the college and from past years its growth is more. They implement advanced teaching methods and structured mock tests and quiz hours plays a major role in the success of the student to crack a IIT.

Is FIITJEE good for average student?


FIITJEE is also one of them. Delhi FIITJEE is best but only for the students who has already studied from somewhere else also and very good in their studies. It means a student which has no any detailed overview of the subjects that they have to study in the institute.

Can Class 11 join FIITJEE?

FIITJEE’s Two Year Condensed Classroom Program has been designed for those students of class XI who could not join Two Year Classroom Program for some reasons. The Program is suited for only those students who can cope up well with both IIT-JEE training and school studies at this juncture.

Is phone allowed in Fiitjee?

Use of headphone / ear phone is strictly prohibited in the test.

Can I crack JEE with Allen?

Question-16 : Is the Study Material provided by ALLEN sufficient for cracking JEE Main? Ans. ALLEN Study Material is prepared by a panel of experts. And yes, ALLEN study material is sufficient for scoring a top rank in JEE.

Which is best for IIT Allen or resonance?

As per now both are among the topmost coaching institutes of India both are nearly of same level. But you know if you go through in detail the results of Allen coaching institute is a little bit higher in comparison to resonance hence it is leading. By the way both are really good imparting very good knowledge .

Is Allen Good for JEE?

ALLEN CAREER INSTITUTE has established itself as a leader in the preparation for JEE Main. Year after year, it has given the best results in JEE Main. JEE Main courses designed by ALLEN are unique and are as per the latest examination pattern, which train the students to outperform in JEE Main exam.

What is the minimum rank required for IIT?

JEE Main Cut off for JEE Advanced

In 2020, the JEE Main cut off score for general category students is 90.3765335 while that for OBC –NCL candidates is 72.8887969.

What is the minimum marks for IIT?

As per JEE Advanced 2020 cutoff, the minimum percentage marks in each subject is 5% to be included in the common rank list (CRL) while in 2019, candidates were required to secure 10% marks. The minimum aggregate percentage marks to be included in CRL were 25% last year while it is 17.50% in 2020.

Can dropper crack IIT?

The content head at Embibe (a teacher with over 15 years of experience) says that it is harder for droppers to clear the JEE. In fact, it is harder for a teacher to even teach a dropper. It is not that the droppers lack intelligence, but that they weren’t able to optimise their intelligence.

How is life at IIT for a girl?

Girls at IITs are like Princess Dolls with a number of admirers ever ready to lay down their lives at their beck and call. Their assignments are taken care of and each of their admirers conducts a thorough research on their likes and dislikes to keep them happy.

Is 300 a good score in JEE mains?

For JEE Mains, score around 300+ is considered as a pretty well score. You have chances to get double digit rank in All Over India category. Also, depending on the difficulty level of exam, aspirants giving exam etc. you can easily get a rank under 200.

Which branch of Fiitjee is best?

All branches of fiitjee coaching have best facility available for students. Fiitjee South Delhi, Fiitjee Panjabi bagh, Fiitjee Faridabad, Fiitjee jaipur, Fiitjee Chennai and all other branch are best for all candidates.

Is Narayana material enough for JEE?

You need to focus on the JEE Advanced Level preparation from some good notes. You can refer Narayana modules, as they are prepared by professional experts. The quality of questions maintained in modules is of advanced level. Your preparation should not be mixed with many modules or books.

What is the success rate of FIITJEE?

Since, then FIITJEE students have been excelling in IIT-JEE year after year bringing glory to us. IIT-JEE’ 2006 was no different with 452 out of top 600 FIITJEE Classroom Program students qualified from Delhi Centres alone (75.33% Success Rate).

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