Is A Highly Contagious Viral Infection Of The Brainstem And Spinal Cord That Sometimes Leads To Paralysis?

Is A Highly Contagious Viral Infection Of The Brainstem And Spinal Cord That Sometimes Leads To Paralysis?

Is A Highly Contagious Viral Infection Of The Brainstem And Spinal Cord That Sometimes Leads To Paralysis? Polio is an acute viral infection of the brainstem and spinal cord that leads to irreversible motor neuron damage and paralysis.

Which condition is commonly known as fainting? Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness that happens due to a decrease in blood flow to your brain. It’s more commonly known as fainting.

Which term refers to a temporary interruption in the blood supply to the brain? Transient ischemic attack (TIA) – A temporary interruption of the blood supply to an area of the brain; also called a mini-stroke. It usually lasts only a few minutes and causes no permanent damage or disability.

Which condition is also known as a pinched nerve? Your spinal cord runs downward through a canal in the center of these bones. Nerve roots branch off the cord and go between each vertebrae. When problems affect these nerve roots, the condition is called radiculopathy, or more commonly, a pinched nerve.

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Is the prolonged or abnormal inability to sleep?

Insomnia. Insomnia refers to the inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep. It can be caused by jet lag, stress and anxiety, hormones, or digestive problems. It may also be a symptom of another condition.

What causes a person to suddenly collapse?

Fainting can occur in otherwise healthy individuals for a number of reasons, such as dehydration, low blood sugar, overheating, the sight of blood, emotional distress, rigid body posture, or standing up too quickly can all lead to a fainting episode.

Do you stop breathing when you faint?

They may be unconscious for a few seconds — as in fainting — or for longer periods of time. People who become unconscious don’t respond to loud sounds or shaking. They may even stop breathing or their pulse may become faint.

What test shows blood flow to the brain?

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound is a painless test that uses sound waves to examine blood flow in your brain. Your doctor has recommended that you have this test to diagnosis a medical condition that affects blood flow to and within the brain.

Which part of the brain is responsible for the highest level of thought?

The cerebrum, the largest part of the human brain, is associated with higher order functioning, including the control of voluntary behavior. Thinking, perceiving, planning, and understanding language all lie within the cerebrum’s control.

When blood flow to the brain is blocked the following happens?

A stroke, sometimes called a brain attack, occurs when something blocks blood supply to part of the brain or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. In either case, parts of the brain become damaged or die. A stroke can cause lasting brain damage, long-term disability, or even death.

Does an MRI scan show nerve damage?

An MRI may be able help identify structural lesions that may be pressing against the nerve so the problem can be corrected before permanent nerve damage occurs. Nerve damage can usually be diagnosed based on a neurological examination and can be correlated by MRI scan findings.

Can MRI show pinched nerve?

MRI is sensitive to changes in cartilage and bone structure resulting from injury, disease, or aging. It can detect herniated discs, pinched nerves, spinal tumors, spinal cord compression, and fractures.

What is best treatment for pinched nerve in neck?

The most frequently recommended treatment for pinched nerve is rest for the affected area. Your doctor will ask you to stop any activities that cause or aggravate the compression. Depending on the location of the pinched nerve, you may need a splint or brace to immobilize the area.

What kind of drug is administered to temporarily relieve anxiety and to reduce tension?

Valium is a drug used for managing anxiety disorders and short-term treatment of anxiety symptoms. The drug, which is also sold under the generic name diazepam, works by actually slowing down activity in your brain.

Is a chronic pattern of inner experience and behavior that causes serious problems?

Personality disorders are long-term patterns of behavior and inner experiences that differs significantly from what is expected. The pattern of experience and behavior begins by late adolescence or early adulthood and causes distress or problems in functioning.

Which part of the brain is responsible for the highest level of thought it is the largest and uppermost portion of the brain?

Cerebrum. The cerebrum is the part of the brain that receives and processes conscious sensation, generates thought, and controls conscious activity. It is the uppermost and largest part of the brain and is divided into left and right hemispheres, which are joined by and communicated through the corpus callosum.

Can you collapse from stress?

You may suffer from a simple fainting spell due to anxiety, fear, pain, intense emotional stress, hunger, or use of alcohol or drugs. Most people who suffer from simple fainting have no underlying heart or neurological (nerve or brain) problem.

What does it feel like to collapse?

Feeling lightheaded and weak and having the sensation of spinning are warning signs of fainting. If you notice any of these signs, sit and put your head between your knees to help get blood to your brain. You could also lie down to avoid injury due to falling. Don’t stand up until you feel better.

How do you wake up someone who fainted?

If you see someone faint, lie the person on his or her back and make sure they are breathing. If possible, lift the person’s legs above heart level to aid blood flow to the brain. Loosen all constrictive clothing such as collars or belts.

Do you fall forward or backward when you faint?

Fainting is a sudden, brief loss of consciousness. When people faint, or pass out, they usually fall down. After they are lying down, most people will recover quickly.

What is the difference between fainting and passing out?

Faint, black out, swoon, pass out. They’re all names for the same thing—a temporary loss of consciousness followed by a fairly rapid and complete recovery. Fainting occurs when something interrupts blood flow to the brain.

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