How do you get a towing mate?

How do you get a towing mate?

How do you get a towing mate?

How long does it take to become a steersman? To Apprentice Mate (Steersman) of Towing Vessels – 18 months service; pass USCG Apprentice Mate exam or #2. above; 12 months on towing vessels; and 3 months on route(s).

What is a mate of towing? Mate (Pilot) of T/V for a route superior to the current route on which the holder. has no operating experience after passing an examination for that additional. route. After holder completes 90 days of experience and a TOAR on that. route, the MMC will be endorsed as Master of Towing and Mate (Pilot) will be.

How do you become a towing master? In a short haul towing environment a master is required to have a license as Master of Towing Vessels, this license requires 1,440 total days of service of which 540 of them have to be steering a vessel and 360 of those days must be on line-haul towing vessels.

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What is an apprentice mate?

The Apprentice Mate Steersman license is a training license for Mate of Towing.
Once the mariner achieves the Apprentice Mate Steersman license he, or she, will continue to work onboard the tug as a deckhand; receive training as a watch-stander under the direct supervision of the mate or master.

What is a TOAR?

The Towing Officers Assessment Records (TOAR) is a document that lists tasks to be performed or explained (as appropriate), in the presence of a designated examiner.

What is TOAR endorsement?

What is a TOAR

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