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10 Best Lego 3ds Games of 2021

What is the Best Lego 3ds Games? Are 3DS games still online? Although various services have begun to shut down on the 3DS and now Nintendo is cutting down the system's digital library, this experiment has shown that online play on the 3DS is still alive and well for the most part. Is ...

10 Best Pokemon 2ds Games of 2021

What is the Best Pokemon 2ds Games? Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will bring the world of Pokémon to the Nintendo Switch, but can 3DS fans ever expect the game to release on Nintendo's handheld? Last week Nintendo surprised fans around the world with the first look at the latest entries ...

10 Best 3ds Kirby Games of 2021

What is the Best 3ds Kirby Games? What order should I play Kirby? Is Kirby a hard game? Tatakae. I've always found Kirby games pretty easy. I've only played Return to Dreamland, Squeak Squad, and Super-Star Ultra, but all have been easy. There were some hard moments, but, for the ...

10 Best 3ds Console Prices of 2021

What is the Best 3ds Console Prices? The Nintendo 3DS family of handheld game consoles lasted a whopping 9 years. Although its time came and went we have to ask ourselves, is the "Nintendo 3DS" still worth purchasing in 2021? After all, the "Nintendo Switch" is already capable of being a ...

10 Best Games For 3ds of 2021

What is the Best Games For 3ds? After over nine years of production, and even longer if previous generations are taken into consideration, the entire Nintendo 3DS family is being discontinued by Nintendo. With the Nintendo Switch going from strength to strength, improving its impressive ...

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