10 Best Pellets For Horses of 2021

What is the Best Pellets For Horses? Feed a minimum of 1.5% of your horse's body weight daily as roughage. Horses have a small stomach, so feed little and often. Ensure horses have access to clean water. Do not add additional vitamins or minerals unless directed by a veterinarian or ...

10 Best Horse Supplements of 2021

What is the Best Horse Supplements? Do hoof supplements really work? Can you overdose a horse on vitamin E? Vitamin E levels in serum --------- ------------------------- Adequate 1.5-2.4 µg/ml Deficient less than 1.5 µg/ml Why do horses need minerals? Minerals ...

10 Best Heated Water Buckets of 2021

What is the Best Heated Water Buckets? Are heated water buckets safe? Heated troughs and water buckets are often go-to solutions around farms, but these products can carry safety risks that many owners overlook. Even if you've been using these products for years, a few small changes ...

10 Best Winter Horse Blankets of 2021

What is the Best Winter Horse Blankets? Weather Changes As such, you should start to blanket your horse as the weather starts to drop below 50°. And to ease your horse into having a blanket on, Equus Magazine suggests you use a quarter sheet under your saddle when riding your horse, to allow ...

10 Best Bandages For Dogs of 2021

What is the Best Bandages For Dogs? How do you bandage a dog's stomach? Can I put a human bandage on my dog? Probably the most important thing to realize about bandages is that small bandages, like we use to protect our own wounds, do not ...

10 Best Beet Pulp For Horses of 2021

What is the Best Beet Pulp For Horses? How Do You Feed Horses Beet Pulp? Although you can feed dry beet pulp, try feeding soaked beet pulp, because it's a good way to add water to the digestive system. 1 Mix one part beet pulp to four parts water. If you want to feed quickly, you can use hot ...

10 Best Farrier Tool Kits of 2021

What is the Best Farrier Tool Kits? How do you know when your horses hooves need trimming? Is it illegal to trim your own horses feet? How do you cut overgrown hooves? Farrier Tool Kits - ...

10 Best High Fat Horse Feeds of 2021

What is the Best High Fat Horse Feeds? Both animal fats and vegetable oils have been fed to horses, although the use of vegetable oils such as soy, rice bran or canola oil is more prevalent due to superior palatability. Fat sources such as HYGAIN® RBO® (rice bran oil) or soybean contain 2.5 to ...

10 Best Oster Horse Brushes of 2021

What is the Best Oster Horse Brushes? What all do you need to groom a horse? - Curry comb or grooming mitt. - Body brush with fairly stiff bristles. - Mane and tail comb (plastic causes less breakage than metal) - Fine soft bristled finishing brush. - Hoof pick. - Scissors or ...

10 Best Farrier Tools of 2021

What is the Best Farrier Tools? What equipment does a farrier need? What tools do you need to trim a horse's hooves? - Hoof Knife. - Nippers. - Rasp. How do you trim a horses feet? Farrier Tools - Related Questions What tools do you ...

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