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10 Best Ant Sprays of 2021

What is the Best Ant Sprays? Homemade bait Mix together 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of Borax and a teaspoon of water. Place a small amount near where the ants are active. They will ingest the bait and take it back to the nest, killing off the entire ...

10 Best Home Defenses of 2021

What is the Best Home Defenses? Criminals are violent and aggressive, so you need the right tactical kit for successfully repelling a home invasion. A home defense kit is a collection of tools you can employ quickly should a violent attacker or home invasion crew kick in your door. Home ...

10 Best Zappers of 2021

What is the Best Zappers? Should I leave bug zapper on all night? The most efficient and effective way to run a bug zapper is to leave it on 24/7. By doing this, you help break down the insect breeding cycle. Alternatively, run your bug zapper from dusk to dawn. What is the most ...

10 Best New Bee Traps of 2021

What is the Best New Bee Traps? How long do you leave bees in a swarm trap? They should be left completely alone for 1 week. After a week has passed it is safe in inspect them and make any changes you want because by then, they should have invested in their new home with comb and brood. ...

10 Best Roach Bombs of 2021

What is the Best Roach Bombs? In Richmond, flies can be a constant source of annoyance. While common house flies may drive you crazy with constant buzzing, drain flies and fruit flies can be just as annoying. Do I need to cover my clothes after a flea bomb? You should always cover your ...

10 Best Stump Removers of 2021

What is the Best Stump Removers? Do it yourself stump removal? - 1Dig around the base of the tree trunk. Use a mattock to loosen the soil, working in a circle around the base of the stump. - 2Cut the upper root system. Once the upper layer of roots has been uncovered, use a pruning ...

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