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10 Best Car Seat Covers of 2021

What is the Best Car Seat Covers? Are seat covers bad for seats? Wear from the Cover's Seams – A seat cover has seams on the side that is in contact with the leather upholstery. Getting into and out of the seats can cause those seams to dig into the leather upholstery. Leather is ...

10 Best Custom Sunshades of 2021

What is the Best Custom Sunshades? Which color sun shade is the best? Dark vs Light Color The argument is if you are looking for maximum cooling and UV protection a dark-colored shade will be the best option. Dark colors like our navy blue, black or brown, will absorb more UV rays, thus ...

10 Best Viper Car Alarms of 2021

What is the Best Viper Car Alarms? Can you add an alarm to your car? Most car alarms are designed to be installed universally and can be installed in virtually any model of vehicle. Some car alarm systems include other functions such as a remote start feature, or monitoring services ...

10 Best Window Shades of 2021

What is the Best Window Shades? How do you pick a window shade color? - Choose White For Added Light. - Match Your Décor Style. - Go Bold For A Modern Feel. - Bright For A Focal Point. - Opt For Three Colours, Maximum. What window coverings are in style? - Matchstick ...

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