Are Ariston boilers any good?

Are Ariston boilers any good?

Are Ariston boilers any good? 90% are happy with their boiler’s heating and water performance. Overall, 84% rate their boiler as very good/excellent. 78% are likely to recommend their boiler to a friend or family member. 75% are likely to buy another boiler from Ariston in the future.

How long do Ariston boilers last? Ariston boilers come with a range of warranties. Depending on model, you’ll get 2 years, 5 years, 8 years, or 12 years. We’d suggest heading for 5 years as an absolute minimum.

Who makes Ariston boiler? Ariston Thermo
Type Private
Founder Francesco Merloni, Honorary chairman Paolo Merloni, Chairman
Headquarters Fabriano, Italy
Key people Paolo Merloni (Chairman), Laurent Jacquemin (CEO)
Products Thermal comfort
5 more rows

How much is an Ariston boiler? Endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, Ariston combi boilers come in varying outputs from 24kW to 38kW, with the larger output delivering the highest hot water flow rate. Prices range from £640.95 to £1,409.95 (including VAT and excluding installation), depending on the required model and output.

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Are Ariston boilers gas?

Combi gas boilers | Ariston.

What pressure should my Ariston boiler be?

Repressurising a boiler is easy. Anyone can use the external filling loop to increase pressure in the system to around 1.3 bar, which is the pressure required in most Ariston boilers.

What does SP1 mean on a Ariston boiler?

SP1 stands for “first ignition attempt” failed and E501 stands for “no flame detected”. There are a lot of components that may cause this failure and I am afraid that most of them are extensive: gas valve, PCB, fan, detection electrode.

How long is Ariston warranty?

Warranty and Service Information

What is Error 108 on Ariston boiler?

#2 – Low Water Pressure (Fault Code 108)

How do I turn off my Ariston boiler?

ATTENTION!! Switch off the boiler completely by switching the external electri- cal switch to the OFF position.
Shut off the gas valve.
It is possible to set the temperature of the heating water by pressing the buttons 12.

Why is water coming out of my combi boiler?

The most common cause of this pipework causing a boiler leak is corrosion of the pipes.
Over time, the water, combined with the metallic debris within the system will naturally corrode the copper piping eventually leading to small gaps which water is escaping from – leaking.

What if my boiler pressure is too high?

Most boilers will simply shut down via a safety device called a PRV (Pressure Release Valve), or break down when your boiler pressure is too high, for too long.
The worst-case scenario for most boilers suffering from high pressure will be a broken boiler and a soaked carpet.

What does the ECO button do on my boiler?

The pre-heat function can be switched on and off manually according to your requirements by pressing the ‘ECO’ button on the front of the boiler.
ECO illuminated green = energy saving economy mode, preheat off, slight increase in the length of time for hot water to be delivered.

How do I reset an Ariston boiler?

On the majority of boilers, resetting a boiler involves holding down the reset button for up to 10 seconds, but you should consult the manual that came with your Ariston boiler to ensure you reset your boiler properly.

Can a boiler lose pressure without a leak?

Is Your Boiler Losing Pressure But No Leak

What happens if boiler pressure is too low?

If the boiler pressure is too high, there’s an increased chance of leaks developing in the system. But if boiler pressure is too low, the system won’t work as well. So keeping the correct boiler pressure is important to make sure that your system heats your home efficiently.

Does bleeding radiators affect boiler pressure?

Bleeding radiators

How do I reset my boiler?

Follow these simple instructions to reset your boiler:
Refer to your boiler manual.

Push the reset button for 10 seconds.

Wait 2 – 3 minutes, the boiler should fire up.

Repeat twice if the first attempt fails.

If the boiler still fails to fire up on the third attempt, double check the gas supply.

What is flame lift on boiler?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Flame lift-off in oil fired pressure jet burners is an unwanted condition in which the flame and burner become separated.

Where are Ariston dryers made?

Our products are made in Europe so the manual is not only in English, making it easier for people worldwide.

Where is the serial number on Ariston?

How do I contact Ariston

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