5 Best Small Campers You Must See

5 Best Small Campers

Nothing beats a fun camping trip with friends and family. When was the time last you enjoyed a picnic in the woods?  Do you miss eating marshmallows and hotdogs with your friends while sitting around the bonfire?

Why don’t you take even a short break from your work in a small camper and set for a camping adventure? Bu this time you would not need to bring a tent as well as sleeping bags with you.

Yes, your guess is right – a small camper or RV is an excellent camping buddy that takes you to any place you like. If you’re on a budget but at wish to have the best small camper, here are my top 5 picks you might like.

Best Small Campers

SylvanSport Go Camper

“First impressions don’t last” is perfect to describe the SylvanSport Go Camper. Yes, it might look like a simple tent that turns to a camper, but there’s more to SylvanSport Go than you think.

Unlike a regular tent, you get lots of storage space in this camper. Load your camping gear, store some foods and supplies and the camper will still have enough space for your other stuff. Place mattresses inside the RV and sleep comfortably with your family or group of friends.

Another thing I like about SylvanSport Go Camper is it’s easy to set up. Even if you’re a new camper, it wouldn’t be hard for you to set up this RV. Also, the starting price of 9, 995 bucks isn’t a bad offer if you consider the convenience SylvanSport Go Camper would give you.

You would like:

  • Spacious camper interior
  • Easy setup
  • Comfortable for campers/travelers
  • Affordable

Sportsmobile Sprinter

Do you find it difficult driving your old small camper? Then, why not try a new one – the Sportsmobile Sprinter. Like other small campers in the market, Sportsmobile isn’t left behind when it comes to amenities.

Here are a few features you would find inside the camper:

  • Spacious storage
  • Stove
  • Heater
  • Powerful fans

Sportsmobile Sprinter can accommodate six people, so it’s not a problem if you have six members in the family. You have a spacious sleeping area that gives comfort to all passengers of the RV. If you don’t want to take a short stop at restaurants to use the bathroom, don’t worry!

Another best feature of Sportsmobile Sprinter is it has one bathroom. Yes, so you or your family can have absolute comfort while enjoying the beauty of nature. You may likewise add a solar panel to the RV that makes this camper a must-have!

Unlike the Sylvan Sport Go, Sportsmobile Sprinter is too much expensive.  But you wouldn’t care much about the price if you think about the amazing features of Sportsmobile.

You Would Like:

  • No Setup
  • Plenty of space
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Comfortable sleeping area
  • Perfect for any weather

Happier Camper

Who doesn’t want a camper that has a Bluetooth surround system and solar panels? That’s energy-saving and pleasure in one. I love campers that have Bluetooth surround feature (and you too!), especially if it’s easy to configure while you’re on the road.

Happier Camper fills my expectations on comfort and customization. The camper’s interior setup has a simple and easy configuration process that even a newbie camper would enjoy doing.

The camper can accommodate two to five campers inside. No problem if you call your four friends to have a relaxing time in the woods.

Since Happier Camper is very lightweight, campers wouldn’t find trouble bringing it to the desert or beach. The only thing you have to worry about (but other campers might not pay attention to this) is the price. Happier Camper starts with more than 24,000 bucks, so you might consider saving first if you plan to drive this baby on your upcoming camping adventure.

You Would Like:

  • Spacious interior
  • Easy configuration
  • Shower
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Versatile
  • Eco-friendly

Forest River Flagstaff

Travelers and campers would love the Forest River Flagstaff. One main reason is the awesome amenities it offers. You can relish on the spacious living area, the stove, sink, and toilet. Forest River Flagstaff doesn’t disappoint a group of campers who want to have a great and fun time outdoors.


The pop-up camper can accommodate 6 to 7 people, and you still have enough storage space for luggage. Whether you’re a new or pro camper, the Forest River Flagstaff is the right small camper for you!

For the price tag of 18,000 bucks, Forest River Flagstaff isn’t a bad investment. Imagine the happy and memorable time you and your family would experience outside. Forest River Flagstaff is worth your penny.

Another thing I like about this camper is the foldable dinette and benches. Yes, you know what it means – more space for the occupants! The exterior grill is already eye-catching, but the exterior slide-out (optional) is even better.

I guess every camper would like the Forest River Flagstaff (and you too!) once you hit the road with this camper on your next camping trip.

You would like:

  • Kitchen amenities
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Spacious bed
  • Exterior gas grill

Cricket Trailer

Are you looking for a camper that combines the design of an RV and a tent? Cricket Trailer is a good example. Campers would experience a fantastic time outdoors due to the camper’s interior and exterior design. You can configure the camper in several ways, depending on the type of camping trip you’ll embark on.

I love the easy setup process of the Cricket Trailer, the spacious storage, and its versatility. Did you know that a NASA engineer designed this camper?

That explains why Cricket Trailer has different configurations and easy to set up. The camper’s compact design is perfect for 2 to 4 people, so you or your friends have more space to stretch inside the camper.

You would like:

  • Easy to configure and set up
  • Good for fishing and camping trips
  • Internal battery
  • 16 gallons water tank

Get ready to enjoy an amazing camping trip with the small camper of your choice. These 5 Best Small Campers are excellent choices if you want to have a comfortable and enjoyable time outdoors.  So, pick the camper of your choice and be ready for an unforgettable camping trip!